API Documentation



All the endpoints require an apiKey parameter to be passed. You can get the API Key by Registering with us.

BeLie News API has three main endpoints:

  • GET Fake News /api/v0/fake - returns the latest fake news popular around the world. The news keeps updating daily.
    Example: /api/v0/fake?apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE
  • GET Latest News /api/v0/latest - returns the latest and popular news around the world from varous sources. The news keeps updating daily.
    Example: /api/v0/latest?apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE
  • GET Check /api/v0/check - A parameter q is to be passed with the endpoint which specifies your doubtful news. Returns with the results related to the query. If similarityScore is very less then there are chances the entered news is fake.
    Example: /api/v0/check?q=Is rohit sharma ready for the opportunity of captaincy?&apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE